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hi - i came here 2 read ur experience of being bipolar - I didn't realise it "creeps" I tend to only and very luckily experience the mild highs, though I don't really notice sometimes that I'm getting louder and more odd, unfortuantely everyone else does, and my panic attacks are rather annoying atmo, paranoia etc - only prob is lol I been to my doctor and she said I was too articulate 2 be bipolar and I tried to explain that I was fine when I was there she didn't really listen, but the only problem I have is that I'm so confused - I mean my little "blips" only last about an hour or so - or sometimes less - but I'm in my late teens and am curious to know if thats what happened to you at first? - if you don't mind me asking. sorry I don't know who else to turn to, - if you could offer any advice it wud b v nice - sorry about the v long comment .

Calvin Klein

thank you1

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