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Sarah Byam

I appreciate the reprint of this article. I think the more this information gets out, the better.


Sarah Byam

Graham Smith

Its a pleasure. I was quite absorbed by it last night, one of those surreal moments at night, getting into the 'being' of someone else you never met.

Were you a little surprised that it had surfaced again? Cant remember what I was searching for in Google that highlighted your article but whatever it was it was on the first page i think.

Think your post has spurred me to try to focus on the 'creativity' part of my person, rather than the Bipolar and be thankful for that. It's a gift that I am elated to have and one that I am discovering new depths of.

Let me know if you post anything else, or if you have a subscribe link or something. Not just depression or bipolar but anything.

Warmest wishes,

Sarah Byam

Dear Graham

Actually, there are several posts under my name at tuppenceworth, on a wide variety of topics, from aging, to zen, to economics, to politics. Check the site under authors, and I have a whole page. Though woefully, I have not written much this last year because my graphic design business has been growing like crazy! You can find our graphic design work at www.lolstudio.com. And then I wrote in comics for several years, but the only thing I produced that was really my own was a superhero mystery called "Billi 99" available on Amazon.

And you might want to check out my husband's blog, which is www.skook.blogspot.com. He has loads of links that are fascinating. He is an imaginaive artist, and a funny writer. He has a whole blog run of our life with a Sasquatch.

warmest wishes,


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