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ariadneK, Ph.D.

Keep us all posted on how the withdrawal goes...the nastiest withdrawal I EVER experienced was from Cymbalta, and I swore to God that I would NEVER take it again for any reason.

Take care, I'll be wishing you the best!


Hi from another person struggling to get off effexor. I think you're right you can end up on so many drugs that you don't know where 'you' are and the various side effects begin and end. I wish you the best of luck.


I've been trying to get off of Effexor for years. Thank you for this post, it has been the root cause of my last two hospitalizations. I was on 450 milligrams which was waaaaay to much once and the second time I was trying to get off of it too fast.

Graham Smith

Hi ariadneK
I am so crap at responding to my comments. Half the time I don't even know one has been left, for some reason Typepad doesn't notify you when a comment has been left.

So now I have them set up to be approved. This way I do get the email, so hopefully comments will not slip under me.

Thanks for the 'luck'. This post will be updated as and when shit happens, as well as more useful links, advice and stuff.

Take care,

Graham Smith

I am more confused than ever with where one sympton ends and another starts, what's just a bad day and what's something else.

There are some good links at the top, especially the forum, very useful advice in there. My consulatant was next to useless with any advice, so again, I am self medicating but this time basing it on the advice I have taken from the forums and other sites and just tailored it.


Graham Smith

JESUS! 450mg, that's insane. You must of been reachign the ceiling on that one. My consultant didn't want to go past 300mg.

I hope I can keep adding stuff that you may find useful.
By the way, a few days ago your Blog posted some info on general health and vitamins etc. But I can't find it as it links nicely to the advice I give at the bottom of this post. Are you able to send it to me so that I can link it?

Thanks C

CL Psy

Sorry about the withdrawal symptoms, mate. Sad to say that Wyeth (Effexor's manufacturer) would apparently view this as just your symptoms coming back since they apparently don't understand that Effexor, like other antidepressants, has notable withdrawal symptoms for many folks.

I posted recently on my blog (pardon the self-promotion) regarding research misleadingly stating that Effexor was a good way to prevent depressive relapse. The researchers likely confused withdrawal effects of Effexor with the return of symptoms (of course completely unrelated to the medication). You can read about it here: http://clinpsyc.blogspot.com/2007/01/effexor-for-life.html -- best of luck in coming off it.

Graham Smith

Self promotion is acceptable, go for it. I will add that link to my links on the post as it a very interesting article.

Thank you for pointing it out.

I have come across your blog before and am a regular viewer, so keep it up.


Marissa Miller

Great, great job, Graham. Just got around to linking to this post. So sorry I haven't gotten around to it until now. As for:

"| Night Sweats - I had this very bad, constantly wake up drenched in sweat, literally soaked to the skin and to the mattress. But Have just realised I have not had these severity of symptoms for some weeks, which is helping with the consistency of sleep."

Oh man, to quote FuriousSeasons.com, effexor is the "gift that keeps on giving." I never could attribute night sweats to anything... until now.



Good to read your article, it's so good to hear others are going through this too.. I don't mean that in a selfish way of course just to know I am not alone..

I have been on Efexor for 2 and half years.. originally prescribed for severe PMT and was in a bad relationship at the time.

I was prescribed the drug when I was living abroad by a Canadian Doc who swore by them said no weight gain either.. how wrong!
Started on on 150mg XR for around a year then down to 75mg, finally down to 37.5mg for over 5 months.. now alternate days.. now trying to do have a 37.5 every other day.. (I can feel the Headaches approaching!) boy is it tough the usual side effects, brain zaps, sickness, upset tummy, weird weird dreams, moodiness, huge huge weight gain 1.5 stone in 2 years no matter how little I ate and how much I exercised,

My lovely new boyfriend who is very sympathetic and understanding is noticing the change in me since cutting down and I have not told him what my tablets are really for.. (severe PMT which I have now been prescribed HRT for which is helping)We've only been together for a year or so but are discussing starting a family so I want to come off..

It's been so tough and I have given up sometimes as I change so badly.. the days I don't take them are hell.. I am a differnent person and I am so worried this is me and always will be, I have suicidle thoughts, I hate everyone feel down depressed and sad... and it is effecting my relationship with my partner I do not want this to happen we talk and talk but there is only so much..

I wondered if you could tell me if there is something "herbal" I can take, I have heard Magnesium, fish oil and Omega 3 are good from your article... anything else you can recommend to take the edge off this addiction and hopefully keep me being the happy go lucky as much as poss and not a miserble complaining twitching weirdo I have become...

Thanks! x

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I think I have got away reasonable lightly given some of he horror stories, at least for the time being.


been on vene for 8 years 300mg just got down to 150mg and feeling shit- being shitty to everyone and generally realising Ive lost myself along the way.
At crossroads now do i put up with the withdrawal symptons and continue to piss every body off and persevere or shall i take respite and increase dose to harmonise life a little longer as doc suggests?? any advise anyone ?

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