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Sarah Byam

Oh yeah, I forgot to take my effexor yesterday. I was insecure, depressed, suicidal, and 0bsessively anxious about everything.

Graham Smith

You forgot as well? lol.

Is it a morning ritual for you or a evening one? I just find it insanely hard to remember to take them, even if i put the packet on my bedside table, i'll just look at it blankly upon rising then do shower stuff and thats it... forget.

I actually think on a subconcious level I am rebelling, i don't like being reminded of the drug factor first thing in the morning. My night time drug taking rituals however are 'very good boy'. Mostly because I know they will help me sleep, so I do not need much encouragement to take them.

I did ask my consultant about taking the 'effexor' in the evening, same time as my lamotrigine and zispin but he said it 'could' interfere with sleep. Need to research that further.

So you were all of the above 'insecure, depressed, suicidal, and 0bsessively anxious about everything.' Crumbs, that must of been a good day then! :0)

I think I am gonna copy and paste this into a blog entry, cant be arsed today. Fills a gap.


Marissa Miller

I'm careful not to make bipolar or depression part of my identity. I'm not a mental illness.

However, it is something I do suffer from and it's a MAJOR part of my life. I like to educate myself about it and make sure that I know what I'm dealing with but at the same time, I'm careful not to incorporate it into my personality. I am so much more than mood swings and mixed states. Well, at least I like to think so...



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