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Jennifer Forbes

I am with you 100% my friend.


Graham Smith

Hi Jenn
Just got round to taking a look at your own Blog. SO i have taken the liberty of adding you to 'our' new Blog, Blog Roll, about Child Custody, Mental Health Discrimnation yada yada yada.


Seems that no matter how much I have tried to try and not let Bipolar influence my life too much, this happens and all of a sudden you are right back in the trenches.

But I think with this new Blog, rather than a totally personal Blog, the outcome and the desired result is a totally different. I feel enthused to really shake the system up now, and I feel we have a good chance to at least bring it to people's focus, aim is on a national level.

We'll see.

Thank you for your comments and support, it obviously goes without saying, but I will anyway, it is hugely appreciated.


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