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I just wanted to say that you don't bring misery to people, the pain you see on their faces is because they love you and want to help you but they feel helpless because they dont know what they can do to help.

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, the things that have happened over the last year would effect anyone badly, and none of us would deal with it. Yes you are strong and yes you do need to take it one day at a time and no you shouldn't feel guilty when you do enjoy things, and something that makes you smile is worth it, no guilt needed!

Lots of love x

Pat S


First off, yesterday I was happy to have seen a post from your blog appear in my rss reader - it has been a long while.

This post is intense and I feel your pain as you described it so authentically. I can relate first hand to your "end of the rope" interpretation of your current life experience. It seems to me like you are living through a shift in your thinking in what it means to live as a man with the label of bi-polar - I have been there. Man, I know so well the frustration, anger, suffering and hopelessness the you write about.

I just wanted you to know I not only read this post but I have heard what you are saying. We are strangers but I am thinking about you - and quite frankly, praying for you to grow in your perspective and receive peace of mind. Email me if you'd like.

Graham Smith

I haev to say I was stunned to get a reply. Havnt been able to think about the Blog recently, have wanted to but just couldnt.

So yesterday I just wrote, really for myself. Figuring its been so long that no one would find the post. Just to hear you say you had me in the RSS reader sort of astounds me, why would you do that? That kind of really lacking in self worth just touches every thing dun it...

Well, thank you for your words. Thank you.

Calvin Klein

thank you1



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